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Bring your opponent to your closed guard from standing

Bring your opponent to your closed guard from standing by Hugo Fevrier, 4th degree bjj black belt.

Back Control to Spinning takedown

Bjj black belt Jimmy Johnstone teaches a cool takedown at Kimura Bjj Serbia Academy.

Pulling half guard straight to a sweep

Gile Huni of Kimura BJJ Serbia shows an easy takedown: Half guard pull straight into a sweep for an easy 2 points!

ONE Superstar Shinya Aoki’s Flying Armbar

ONE Superstar Shinya Aoki from the EVOLVE Fight Team demonstrates how to do a flying armbar. Guest post by Evolve MMA...

How to set up turn throws in Judo: RvL Outside Position

How to set up turn throws in Judo: RvL Outside Position.

Ippon seoi nage misdirection trick

Sometimes this situation happens when you lose the sleeve hand in a RvR situation.

The Best Single Leg Takedown For BJJ by Andre Galvao

Wrestling coaches usually don’t know how to deal with BJJ single leg counters like Kimura Trap or Guillotines. Galvao...

Stop a Wrestler’s Double-Leg Takedown w/ Firas Zahabi

World-renowned MMA Coach, Firas Zahabi, shows a very slick double-leg takedown defense that works at the highest level.

Single Leg Takedown by Wrestling World Champ J’Den Cox

2018 Wrestling world champion J’Den Cox demonstrates The Single Leg Takedown. This is a clip off of his new instructi...

J’Den Cox Modifies the Double Leg Takedown for Your BJJ Game

J’Den Cox demonstrates The Double Leg Takedown. Learning this will greatly enhance your Jiu Jitsu and Wrestling skill...

What To Do If Your Opponent Grabs Your Belt. Hip To Hip Position

Grabbing the belt can lead to a lot of trouble for you. Many throws can be done with that grip. Don’t you worry and l...

Fireman’s Carry Without Getting Caught In Crucifix

Have you ever gotten caught in a crucifix, trying to throw someone with fireman’s carry? This version will eliminate ...
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