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Kurt Osiander MOTW – Half Guard Pass

Kurt Osiander’s Move Of The Week, showcasing Brazillian Jiu-jitsu techniques free.

Very important rules from closed guard

Detinho shares some very important rules for you to have a better closed guard.

Craig Jones – Z-Half Guard Armbar (Bringing Leg Over The Head)

Craig Jones – Z-Half Guard Armbar (Bringing Leg Over The Head).

Most unexpected triangle choke variation for BJJ

BJJ black belt Gile Huni of Kimura BJJ Serbia shows a great set up that will surely catch your opponents off-guard:

Powerful counter to Torreando guard pass

Judo and Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt Branko Simonovic of Kimura BJJ Serbia shows a very effective counter to the t...

Jocko Willink Details His Lifting & BJJ Training Regimen

BJJ black belt and Navy Seal legend Jocko Willink talks about how he trains.

The Inside Heel Hook from the Saddle Position, with Oliver Taza

Oliver Taza shares what might be the best, most powerful way to leglock someone. In this application start by control...

Back Control to Spinning takedown

Bjj black belt Jimmy Johnstone teaches a cool takedown at Kimura Bjj Serbia Academy.

Opening Up Stalling Opponents with Knee on Belly Pressure

Often when training in the gym opponents will become extremely defensive even if you pass the guard which can make it...

Keenan Cornelius Explains Systems In Jiu-Jitsu

Keenan Cornelius explains how systems work in jiu-jitsu, which is a main aspect of his teaching philosophy at his new...

Forward Roll Back Take like Leo Vieira

Gile Huni of Kimura BJJ Serbia shows How to do the back take that Leo Vieira did to Eddie Bravo at ADCC.
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