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BJJEE Podcast #4 – Roger Gracie

For this episode of the BJJEE Podcast, we spoke to none other than the legendary Roger Gracie! Among other things, Ro...

Be Focused And Goal-Oriented In Jiu Jitsu Training – Rafael Lovato Jr.

Why is it so important to be focused and have goals for when you’re training BJJ? Rafael Lovato Jr. explains – as wel...

Ways To Improve Your BJJ Almost Immediately – Rafael Lovato Jr.

What are some of the things you can do *right now* to improve your Jiu Jitsu? Rafael Lovato Jr. has some great tips: ...

Should heel hooks be legal in the Gi by Robert Drysdale

ADCC champion Robert Drysdale makes a case on why heel hooks should be legal in the Gi,

Top 5 Kimura Submissions In ONE Championship

ONE Championship’s grappling specialists have a knack for delivering highlight-reel submissions. Let’s take a look ba...

Gordan Ryan vs Royler Gracie – 1st degree black belt & 7th degree coral belt. What’s the difference?

Was this actually a good comparison? Has Gordon Ryan actually done anything that has eclipsed the career of Royler Gr...

BJJEE Podcast #3 – Rafael Lovato Jr.

In this episode of the BJJEE Podcast, the legendary Rafael Lovato Jr. touches on many topics; including how he fell i...

Lucas Lepri’s Advice For BJJ Blue Belts: Be Hungry To Learn

So you are a blue belt? Lucas Lepri has great advice for you: first of all, don’t focus just on your attacks, as you ...

How To Learn BJJ Techniques Better And Faster – Travis Stevens

Have you ever struggled to learn techniques at your BJJ class and then to remember them at a later date? Travis Steve...

Uzbek Judo – Marvelous throws and grappling techniques (Дзюдо Узбекистана)

Uzbek judokas were always tough competition to anyone, they always had good level of success on international circuit...

Marcelo Garcia’s Advice To White Belts

Marcelo Garcia talks about what BJJ white belts should be focusing on and gives an important piece of advice for thos...
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