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Bottom Half Guard Back Take – Chad Lyman

Bottom Half Guard Back Take: Wax on Wax Off with Chad Lyman. Wax on, Wax off is not only for karate, but also for Bra...

The Mafra sweep set up to the back

 Marcelo Mafra shows his secrets drilling with Lucas Leite       The Mafra sweep set up to the back. Check it out! Re...

Omoplata chain ending in Back Take drill – Caloi

 Omoplata > Calf Slicer > Leg Drag > Back Take chain drill as shown by Fabio Caloi       Drill com um dos me...

Creative back take drill – Cobrinha

        Marque uma amigo para fazer essa escolinha. Tag a friend to drill this technique. For more details visit us a...

Older lady pulls off a mean back take!

Older lady pulls off a mean back take! Minha coroa sinistra Simone #ibjjf #cbjj #ctbrasil #abuzinho #BTbrothers #ctst...

Pressure Passing by Rodolfo Viera

Rodolfo Viera is a real master when it comes to guard passing. This video features breakdown of his moves and some se...

Back Take Pass – Leo Viera

Leo Viera shows his trademark back take pass on Lucas Leite. Make this visually attractive move a part of your game a...
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