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Sensō (戦争) means "battle" in Japanese. 

In Portuguese "senso" ("sense" in English) means "good judgement". 

For us, it reflects the inner battle to forge your jiu-jitsu game, to fight with a clear mind, trusting your training and instincts. 

Senso was established in the San Francisco Bay Area in California in early 2014.
We use only high quality fabrics, threads and reinforced stitching. Our gis offer the best balance of performance, comfort and durability. Our attention to detail is what set us apart. Every inch of the gi is studied and we strive to make our next model better than the previous one.

In 2015 we started to offer customized gis for academies using our Academy model, producing the patches ourselves and sewing them with high-quality stitch pattern. We currently provide customized gis for dozens of academies throughout the U.S.

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