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ADGS Miami: Brackets, schedule released, and how to watch

Days away from the kick off of the 2020/2021 season, the AJP has released the fight schedule and brackets for all div...

X-guard sweep from the open guard, and more with Rafael Costa

So your opponent opened your guard and stood up. How about making a grip on one sleeve and another on the end of thei...

Remember the fine jiu-jitsu displayed by Mackenzie Dern on the mats of San Diego

Even after her successful transition into MMA, Mackenzie Dern continued to brighten mats around the world with her fi...

Bruno Bastos bets on new breakout athlete, ponders over life challenges

Bruno Bastos has been dedicating more time to his pupils who are kicking ass in traditional competitions across Texas...

Michael Liera Jr. interviewed on AJP Tour podcast

Episode #2 of the AJP Tour Podcast is out. Presenter Will Safford sat with Atos JJ black belt Michael Liera Jr. to ta...

Bibiano Fernandes teaches how to pass guard and finish on the back

A jiu-jitsu black-belt and MMA fighter with a career full of triumphs, Bibiano Fernandes has three IBJJF world champi...

Cyborg analyzes win over Kaynan, takes aim at gi world championship: ‘Only title I’m missing’

On September 6th, the 39-year-old Roberto Cyborg fought Kaynan Duarte in BJJBET’s debut event. He had split his prepa...

ADGS Miami: Will Safford’s guide to the black belt division

As the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Miami nears, the adult black belt division fills up with big names ready to compete and t...

Fabio Leandro on a mission to change lives at Alliance Venice, Florida

Jiu-Jitsu black belt trained at Alliance Rio, under the command of Professor Gigi Paiva, Fabio Leandro studied gentle...

Hitting new ‘bench’ marks: use a simple tool to become stronger

[First published in 2013. Part of the Training for Warriors series, by Martin Rooney*] Having trained high level Jiu-...

Ares BJJ’s Esdras Jr. lists 3 mistakes you’re making with your armbars

An avid competitor with several medals won on the IBJJF circuit, Esdras Junior is a standout athlete from Ares BJJ in...

The time Flavio Behring summed up the essence of jiu-jitsu for us

At the age of 82, the red-belt Flavio Behring continues to be quite an inspiration to our team, as well as to the ent...
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