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Alliance picks rep to round out July 21 Copa Pódio

Dimitrius Souza will defend the Alliance flag at the Copa Pódio Middleweight Grand Prix coming up July 21 in Rio de J...

Rômulo, Formiga or Murilo Santana? Who’ll be facing Guto in Jiu-Jitsu?

The best-placed teams from the maiden Copa Pódio tournament have sent in the names of the athletes they’ve picked to ...

Watch Guto vs. Tio Chico at Copa Pódio

Watch the opening supermatch from last Saturday’s Copa Pódio tournament in Porto Alegre, between middleweights Guto C...

Copa Pódio: who wins in Porto Alegre tomorrow?

Place your bets! Will there be upsets? Will the favorites live up to expectations?

Copa Pódio: Lightweight GP publishes brackets and rules

The rules and initial matchups for the December 17 Copa Pódio in Porto Alegre have been released. Part of the novelty...

Copa Pódio: “Tio Chico” and Guto in opening match

After putting the finishing touches on the match card for the maiden lightweight GP, to take place December 17, the p...

JT, Tanquinho, Tio Chico & co. to face off in Brazil

Anyone who loves those lively matches between Jiu-Jitsu lightweights should start checking ticket prices to get to Po...

Felipe Pena, Worlds purple belt title owner

Not only did Felipe Pena of GBBH become a first time World Champion, but he became a double gold winner, sweeping bot...

After beating Tio Chico, Brazilian National Champion to switch up game for Worlds

Daniel “Neguinho” Garcia (Nova União) was flying under the radar in the middleweight division for the 2011 Worlds, bu...

Find out who faces who at Brazilian Nationals 2011

The Brazilian National Jiu-Jitsu Championship has come to be a stern final test for the Worlds, as well as being a ma...
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