How to care for your gi, rash guards and shorts

Follow these tips to care for your gi, rash guards and shorts:

Its important to wash and dry your gi correctly to avoid ripping or tearing, size change, foul odor, and color change.

1. Wash it in cold cold water and tumble dry in the machine or hang dry.

Senso gis are pre-shrunk and will have minimal shrinkage if washed in cold water and tumble dried or hang dried. If you want it to shrink more, you can wash it in progressively warmer water and drying temperatures until you reach the desired fit and always wash on cold from there on.  Wash all you training gear (jacket, pants, rashguards) in a separate load from your regular clothing. 

2. Use mild detergent and fabric softener. Don't use bleach.

We recommed Woolite or other mild detergents for your gi. Woolite is gentle, cleans well and doesn't damage your gi. Other detergents made specifically for sports like Tide Sports are also good, just make sure you don't overuse it, or the gis will become stiff after drying. For our Shoto and Aizome gisi we recommend Woolite Dark. Using fabric softener will make your gi softer, more comfortable and help improve the odor. For stains and odor we recommend OxiClean. Never use bleach as it's too aggressive and will damage the fabric, stitching and embroidery.

3. Wash your BJJ gear as soon as possible after training. If you don't wash it right after the class, hang it to dry first before washing.

4. Turn the gi, rash guard or shorts inside out when washing. The inside of these garments are dirtier than the outside and turning them inside out also protects the color of the gi, patches and embroidery better.

If you have any doubts, feel free to contact us at

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