Ambassador Program

The following criteria is to become sponsored by Senso for our Ambassador program. You must agree to the following terms:
- Post weekly Senso related content on Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter, or any other social media appropriate sites. Use hashtags, #sensobjj # Sensojiujitsu #senso
- Compete in at least three tournaments a year and post pictures of your results wearing Senso Kimonos and/or apparel
- Be an Ambassador in your school! Promote Senso and recommend to teammates and the BJJ community

What you’ll get:
- Blue Belt – 20% discount on all products
- Purple Belt – 25% discount on all products
- Brown Belt – 30% discount of all products
- Black Belt – 35% on all products and one FREE Kimono a year
- Exposure on all Senso social media and website
- FREE training while visiting Senso Training Academy in Hayward, CA
- Invitation to Senso competition training

Senso will conduct yearly audits and will evaluate your participation in the Ambassador Program. The Ambassador Program is a non-paid sponsorship and your agreement to be Senso sponsored athlete is based on the terms outlined. Senso holds the rights to cancel your sponsorship at any time and you agree to our code of conduct. Senso is not responsible for any injury or lawsuit pertaining to this sponsorship.

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