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Sósia de Balotelli, Wallace Negão aplica seus chutes no K-1 World Max

No dia 14 de setembro, o brasileiro Wallace “Negão” Lopes terá o maior desafio de sua carreira. O atleta, que lembra ...

With 33 fights, Johnny Eduardo to make UFC debut in Rio

In his usual humble manner, Johnny Eduardo (25w, 8l) answered his cell phone for the umpteenth time on the day. “It’s...

Após 33 lutas, Johnny Eduardo luta no UFC contra Assunção

Com o jeito tranquilo e humilde de sempre, Johnny Eduardo (25v, 8d) atende seu Nextel pela enésima vez no dia. “Nunca...

He won’t go to the ground: watch José Aldo training in Holland

Check out one of UFC featherweight champion José Aldo Junior’s muay thai sparring sessions with K-1 idol Andy Souwer,...

UFC exclusive: Aldo comments on standup training in Holland

While his opponents can’t stamp their mark on his mug, José Aldo keeps getting his passport stamped, in his search fo...
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