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Foot Locks from the 50/50 Position – Luiz Panza

Luiz Panza and Didi Martins. • Positions : - 50-50 on top / Foot Lock. - 50-50 sitting on the mat / Foot Lock

Lapel Sweep Getting the 50/50 Position – Luiz Panza

Luiz Panza and Didi Martins. • Position : - Closed Guard / Lapel Sweep / Leg Lock / 50-50 on top.

50/50 sweep and pass – Max Gimenis

Max Gimenis recently showed a very cool 50/50 sweep and pass at a seminar!

Omoplata to 50/50, back take with twister hook – Tommi Pulkkanen

Omoplata to 50/50, back take with twister hook by Tommi Pulkkanen       Omoplata to 50/50 back take with twister hook...

50 / 50 Entry to Heel-Hook – Mike Bidwell

Here’s a nice little compilation on the 50 / 50 entry to the heel-hook / cryangle choke. This is a very versatile ent...

Leg lock From 50/50 – Matheus Spirandeli

Leg lock From 50/50 by Matheus Spirandeli

Great entry into 50/50 – Chris Mesnard

This is one of my favorite entries into the 50/50. Arm drag when your opponent is in combat base, and invert to threa...

Awesome technique from 50/50 guard – By Milton Bastos

Milton Bastos shares with us an awesome technique ending up guard pass from the 50/50.

Cow Catcher Half Guard Pass to Mount – Evan Cutts

Evan Cutts shows how to pass the half guard straight into a mounted guillotine

Entry into 50/50 drill – Tom DeBlass

 Entry into 50/50 drill. When you are behind your opponent and they stand here is entry into 50/50 taking your oppone...

Honey own flow – Garry Tonon

 watch some 10th planet guys practice a drill thought to them by Garry Tonon at a seminar last year and uniquely name...

50/50 Entry Drill – Chris Mesnard

 50/50 entry drill anybody could use       50/50 entry drill with @caleb_omega_roberts_ Loving my new Phalanx gear! @...
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