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Knee on Belly Chokes by Eli Knight

A violent assault happens EVERY 34 seconds—Are you ready? BJJ Black Belt and SELF DEFENSE Guru Eli Knight CUTS THROUG...

Knee on Belly Simulation Drill by Luiz Dentinho

Luiz “Dentinho” Eduardo is an accomplished black belt competitor and coach. In the Art of Pressure Half Guard Passing...

Standing to Ground Threats Single Leg Advance Version by Dave Camarillo

World-class grappling coach Dave Camarillo shows how he has mixed his judo and BJJ black belts into his own unique ar...

Opening Up Stalling Opponents with Knee on Belly Pressure

Often when training in the gym opponents will become extremely defensive even if you pass the guard which can make it...

Darce Choke From Knee On Belly – Chris Lyon

Darce Choke From Knee On Belly by Chris Lyon featuring Bernardo Faria

Knee on Belly Escape – Dominyka Obelenyte

   Effective knee on belly escape by Dominyka Obelenyte 4x Black Belt World Champion     How to escape a super confus...

North South Choke From Knee On Belly – Kent Peters

   North South Choke From Knee On Belly by Kent Peters     Technique Of The Day: North South Choke From Knee On Belly...

Knee on Belly to Mount Tip: Keith Owen

Keith Owen demonstrates a trick to go from Knee mount to mount by utilizing your legs.

Elbow and knee on chest- Hugo Fevrier

3rd degree BJJ black belt Hugo Fevrier shows his trademark combo: Exorcism a modified knee on belly. This is a nasty ...

How to Use Knee On Belly to Force Movement – Stephan Kesting

Rob Biernacki and Stephan Kesting share the details of the Knee on Belly (aka ‘Kneemount’) position in BJJ.

Knee on Belly to Cross Choke – JT Torres

Knee on belly transition to cross choke to back take by JT Torres

Relson Gracie talks about Helio , and teaches a counter to knee on belly

Relson Gracie talks about his father Helio Gracie, and teaches a counter to knee on belly
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