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Reverse De La Riva Long Step Pass by Vinicius “Tractor” Ferreira

Vinicius ‘Tractor’ Ferreira teaches you how to create pressure packed situations that leave your opponent smashed and...

Geo Martinez combo from Reverse De La Riva

Geo Martinez combo from Reverse De La Riva.

Tight Knee Bar From Reverse De La Riva- Luiz Panza

footlock master Luiz Panza shows a nice set up for a knee bar from reverse de la Riva.

RDLR Leg Circle Pass – Gianni Grippo

Gianni Grippo is back to reveal his approach to the modern guard passing game – THE LEG DRAG! In this 90 minute instr...

DLR / reverse DLR – deep half guard / single leg spin drilling – Jeff Glover

DLR / reverse DLR – deep half guard / single leg spin drilling – Jeff Glover DLR / reverse DLR – deep half guard / si...

Passing the DLR guard with a Berimbolo to Leg drag with a finish in side control

A beautiful bjj transition from passing the de la riva guard with a berimbolo to leg drag with a finish in side contr...

Essential Ways To Pass Reverse De La Riva- Jackson Sousa

Jackson Sousa, Mundial World Champion, Pan American No Gi Champion and Black Belt under Rico Vieira is here filmed by...

3 Variations from Inverted DLR guard – Felipe Pena

Footprint to using the inverted De la Riva guard by Felipe Pena .

Lasso guard – Reverse DLR – To the Back – Jacqueline Ramos

Jacqueline Ramos World champion in both gi and nogi shows a cool combo leading to a back take!       Lasso guard ????...

Handy Combo Reverse De La Spider to Leg Drag – Isaac Doederlein

Reverse De La Spider >> Inverted Leg Drag >> Stack >> Leg Drag       Reverse De La Spider >> ...

Guard Attacks – Gustavo Carpio

  This is a counter when my opponent defends the back take from rvdlr       @gustavobjj13 showing some off his guards...

Learn The “Salsa” Pass- Jackson Sousa

 Jackson calls this one his ‘Salsa Pass’ and it’s one of his favourite ways to deal with the Reverse de la Riva guard...
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