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3 Essential Butterfly Sweep Counters

2x Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt World Champion Teco Shinzato from the Evolve Fight Team teaches 3 essential butterf...

Butterfly Guard Pass -Gustavo Gasperin

Gustavo Gasperin  shows some fine Butterfly Guard Pass details

Top Butterfly Mount Retention – Kent Peters

Kent Peters shows Some great details to retain this position!

Countering the Butterfly Sweep – Stephan Kesting

Countering the Butterfly Sweep by turning your opponent’s leg from a frame into a lever with Stephan Kesting

Essence Of Jiu-Jitsu – Leo Vieira & Joao Paulo Bertuccelli

Leo Viera helps demonstrate some essential details for executing a pass and grip fighting while passing. [Portuguese ...

Armbar from Standing Guard Pass – Daniel Tavares

 Daniel Tavares shows a nice quick finish for when you’re facing an opponent in butterfly guard!       A finish from ...

Back Take from Guard Pass

 Back take by going around the hip, instead of under.         Back take by going around the hip, instead of under. Ch...

Advanced Guard Passing Sequence – Rafa Mendes

 Once known and feared for his berimbolo guard, now feared for his dynamic passing       The amazing Rafa Mendes // O...

Guard Passing Drill – Jeff “Big Frog” Curran

Pedro Sauer Online Training Academy presents some guard passing drills by Jeff Curran

Standing rolling loop choke – Marcelino Freitas

Marcelino Freitas instructs on how to execute perfect loop choke while facing an opponent in butterfly guard

Passing the Guard and setting up D’arce choke – Nicolas Renier

Black Belt in Luta Livre and BJJ, Nicolas Renier shows an interesting intense way to pass open guard and set up a D’a...

“Glacier Pass” – Gunnar Nelson

Technical video tour with Gunnar Nelson (who will fight soon in UFC), who shows the “Glacier Pass.”
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