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How To Use The Closed Guard For MMA by Neiman Gracie

Neiman Gracie teaches you how to take your Jiu-Jitsu skills and apply them in MMA! Prepare your game for MMA and real...

BJJ Butterfly Guard – Most Important Principles by Marcelo Garcia

Learn Marcelo Garcia’s Complete Butterfly Guard – You’ll Have An Unfair Advantage As You Successfully Attack Any Oppo...

Hip Bump Entry From Closed Guard by Craig Jones

Learn the system Craig Jones uses to combine triangle chokes and leg locking into a devastatingly dangerous submissio...

Side Butterfly Guard Attacks Arm Bar by Rafael Lovato Jr.

Attack from your guard with this effective variation for the classic butterfly guard from Rafael Lovato Jr. Learn why...

How To Build The Perfect BJJ Closed Guard Game by John Danaher

Learn the fundamentals and concepts behind one of grappling’s most important positions, as Professor John Danaher hel...

The Jiu Jitsu Drill That Xande Ribeiro Uses To Not Get His Guard Passed In Competition Since 2005

Stay safe and always keep your guard with Xande Ribiero’s revolutionary diamond concept of defense. Learn Xande’s dia...

Guard Retention: Head Control by John Danaher

The Most Scientific & Easy To Follow Course On Keeping Your Guard Ever Created: For Any Age Or Body Shape. This s...

Defense For Over Under Fold Pass by Hiago Gama

Master critical Z guard concepts and details with IBJJF European Open Champion Hiago Gama. Take your half guard to th...

From Spider Guard To Arm Bar by Thamires Acquino

Learn tricky spider guard techniques with top GFT black belt competitor Thamires Aquino! Master Aquino’s brilliant sp...

How To Escape From Any Side Control In Jiu Jitsu by Xande Ribeiro

Stay safe and always keep your guard with Xande Ribiero’s revolutionary diamond concept of defense. Learn Xande’s dia...

Leg Lock from the Bottom In 50/50 from Patrick Gaudio

Sweep and Secure the position with Patrick’s 50/50 passes that transition seamlessly from your sweeps. Develop non-st...

Guard Retention Entries to K Guard by Lachlan Giles

Lachlan Giles and Ariel Tabak show you a total technical gameplan for keeping your guard against any over or around-s...
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