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Grip Breaking in BJJ – Judo grip With Olympic Medalist Travis Stevens February 22 2018

Grip Breaking in BJJ – Judo grip With Olympic Medalist Travis Stevens

Grip breaking with Budo Jake January 27 2018

Grip breaking with Budo Jake

Destroy Spider Guard with these 7 grip breaks January 11 2018

Destroy spider guard with these 7 grip breaks

Use This Grip Break to Stop the Basic Guard Break – Nick Albin October 05 2017

Strong Grips in BJJ can be frustrating or a lot of fun depending on whether or not you are the one that has them or know how to deal with them. Recently I got asked a question about the common lapel grip used when breaking Full Guard. Basically our friend Will is unable to remove […]

2 BJJ Armbar Grip Breaks (Twist and Wrists) – Nick Albin April 18 2017

Ever had an Armbar but were unable to finish whether in a BJJ competition or just rolling? Of course you have. . . we all have! After training the other day 1 of my purple belts asked me about some tips on how to break a strong grip when finishing the Armbar. So I figured […]

Scare Off Your Opponents Grip with Wrist Locks- Nick Albin April 16 2017

Wristlocks in BJJ are an underutilized and often under appreciated technique. In a lot of situations people will call them cheap or even cheating! Personally I’ve grown to really like wrist locks albeit unintentionally, in my Brazilian Jiu-jitsu arsenal. For multiple reasons. 1. If you begin to attack people with wrist locks. Even if the […]

Always Get The Dominant Grip First – Kent Peters April 06 2017

This is the first and main grip game Team ZombieProof learns and uses ???????? (Getting the dominant grip right off the beginning can change the flow of the match quickly)…

How to Break Any Sleeve Grip – Stephan Kesting February 09 2017

How to break any sleeve grip!

Carlson Gracie Jr teaches grip break with choke in the guard February 07 2017

Carlson Gracie Jr. teaches how to break your foe’s posture from inside their closed guard, using a choke after breaking the grip

The Cats Paw Grip And Pistol Grip – Dr. Rhadi Ferguson January 12 2017

Dr. Rhadi Ferguson Discusses The Cats Paw Grip And Pistol Grip