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Can I get Good at BJJ without Competing ? – Chewy March 23 2018

A common question that gets asked by newcomers to BJJ is whether or not you have to compete to be good at Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. This was the exact question I received from one of the viewers. He’s curious whether or not he has to compete to become good at Brazilian Jiujitsu. In the video I […]

[Brief History] Steven Seagal’s Negative Influence in Aikido March 22 2018

Most of us know Steven Seagal as an Aikido master, turned movie star. Yet when you look at the life of Steven Seagal and his life in Aikido more closely, many plot holes start to pop out. Being a controversial figure as he is – one can only stop and wonder – what was the […]

Get Off The Ground With These 6 Techniques March 21 2018

This video offers 6 of the most common and difficult positions one might encounter in a fight when on the ground vs a striking opponent. These are the some of the best options I have learned and used in such situations. This is a video for people who I often hear say things like “I […]

Master Ken: When is Deadly Force Justified? March 21 2018

Master Ken explains when a martial artist should consider using deadly force in a self defense situation. This advice is invaluable whether you’re Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee (reanimated) or just someone taking a self defense for women class at your local dojo.

5 Mistakes People Make In Jiu-Jitsu (Even Black Belts) March 21 2018

These are 5 mistakes people make while training. A lot of time you will make these mistakes for years without even knowing it.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Stereotypes March 19 2018

Here are some of the most common stereotypes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, do you agree?

Guy survives 4 slams and knees to the head and still gets the triangle March 19 2018

Guy survives 4 slams and knees to the head and still gets the triangle! Iwan Hermawan vs Adi Manarung at One Pride MMA Guy survives 4 slams and knees to the head and still gets the triangle! . . . . . . #jiujitsu #bjj #brazilianjiujitsu #jiujitsu4life #grappling #submissiongrappling #submissionwrestling #jits #mixedmartialarts #mma #ufc #shokunin […]

Joe Rogan On The History of Jiu Jitsu March 19 2018

Joe Rogan and Daniele Bolelli on the history of japanese jiu-jitsu.

“The Mat” with Dillon Danis: Full Episode March 19 2018

“The ‘Mat” is an interview series unlike any other. FloGrappling meets the biggest and best names in jiu-jitsu and all the dirty laundry comes out! This episode we met up with Dillon Danis – grappling superstar and training partner of Conor MCGregor – in Brooklyn, NY.

Mike Tyson’s Funny Michael Jackson Story March 19 2018

Mike Tyson’s Funny Michael Jackson Story.
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