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Khabib’s Record 21 Takedowns in one Bout

Current lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov holds the UFC record for most takedowns in a single fight at 21, whi...

“This BJJ White Belt Stole My Favorite Choke”

Have you ever not received credit for something when you felt like you should have? Perhaps you helped someone but th...

Nervous about Changing BJJ Gyms (It Won’t Be The Same)

Have you ever had to leave your BJJ gym? Whether because of a falling out with the coach or a gym closing, like in to...

Rumble Johnson Transformation: From MMA to Bodybuilder

Rumble Johnson Transformation: From MMA to Bodybuilder.

How to Connect Your Moves Like a BJJ World Champion, with Fabio Gurgel

BJJ world champion shows you exactly how to connect your moves so you’re always one step ahead of your opponent.

Competition Training With Roger Gracie

BeingFaris: my typical day of training along side the GOAT of jiu jitsu and some of my other teammates, giving you an...

JOE ROGAN & EDDIE on the GRACIE FAMILY: “A family of assassins”

Joe Rogan talks with Eddie Bravo about the GRACIE FAMILY and JIU JITSU.

BJJ vs Wrestling – Coach Zahabi vs Wrestler

In this video BJJ Black Belt Firas Zahabi rolls with seasoned wrestler at the Tristar Gym in Montreal. Special thank ...

Mental Fitness: The Key to Effective Weight Loss

It is no secret that your brain and body have a very symbiotic relationship. Your mental health affects your physical...

Warning Signs of a Bad Jiu-Jitsu School?

What are the red flags that you look for in a BJJ school?

Slam KO in Grappling UWW Championships

Travis Clark of USA Wins def Berdenov Marat via 13-second Slam KO at the UWW World Championships.

BJJ Scout: Conor McGregor Study: Footwork, Balance, Timing – “Movement”

BJJ Scout: Conor McGregor Study: Footwork, Balance, Timing – “Movement”.
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