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Hip Bump from Octopus Guard by Neil Melanson

In his latest release from BJJ Fanatics, famed grappling and MMA Coach Neil Melanson opens up the playbook for his Gr...

Half Guard To Single Leg Sweep by Neil Melanson

Famed grappling and MMA Coach Neil Melanson opens up the playbook for his Ground Marshal Half Guard techniques. One o...

Spinning Omoplata sweep – Storm Kimonos Jiu Jitsu Technique

Great technique using a spinning set up for omoplata to sweep from the good people at Storm Kimonos. They are current...

Effective way to do a “100% SWEEP”

This video unveils the NEW “200% Sweep”. Its the 100% sweep with a better grip to it that makes it more effective to ...

Uncommon But Powerful Spider Guard Sweep- Jon Thomas

Jon Thomas: This is a sweep I have used countless times vs the best competitors in the world, but I don’t see many pe...

Butterfly Sweep Crossing The Arm by Adam Wardziński

Butterfly Sweep Crossing The Arm by Adam Wardziński.

The Perfect Moment to Hit the Hip Bump Sweep

Very high level set up to the hip bump sweep.

Attacks from the half-guard: A sweep with arm control

In order to shut down the underhook used by Rafael Sapo on the half-guard, Leo Tunico wraps his partner’s arm in a wh...

A Tricky Half Guard Sweep

This is a great way to control your opponent, especially if they are bigger and heavier than you. It also has a littl...

Knee shield half, DLR sweep and and unconventional kneebar – Budo Jake

Budo Jake shows a simple way to pass the knee shield half guard. From the bottom, Jake shows a De Le Riva Sweep follo...

BJJ Butterfly Guard High Percentage Attacking Options and Submissions

BJJ seated/butterfly guard high percentage attacking options and submissions as instructed by James Doolan, former Pr...

Finishing Your Single Leg X/X Guard Sweep – Variation – Dominique Bell

In this video I explain an alternate way to come up and finish from your Single Leg X/X Guard sweeps. I also cover a ...
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