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Sweeps from X Guard – Robson Moura March 21 2018

Sweeps from X Guard by Robson Moura

Single Leg X-Guard Sweeps & Options February 21 2018

Professor Gustavo Gasperin teaches a tripod sweep from the Single Leg X-Guard and how to combine it with the other sweeps you already know from the Ashi Garami Fundamentals course.

Jiu-Jitsu Sweep & Submission Chain | Butterfly to X-Guard to Back to Submission February 14 2018

Here is a great chain I like a lot starting from Butterfly Guard and leading to X-Guard when the opponent stands. From there, we look at a back take and then onto another option if he bases differently in response, which leads to a hamstring slicer. Hope you like it. And yes, more self-defense-geared videos […]

Collar Sleeve Guard | De la Riva X Sweeps with Mackens Semerzier January 27 2018

Professor Mackens Semerzier received his Black Belt from the hands of 7th degree Black Belt Master Pedro Sauer in July of 2013. He was a dedicated student at Linxx Academy under the watchful eye of current Coastal BJJ owner and head instructor Professor Nestor Bayot and Linxx Academy owner and head instructor Professor Frank Cucci. […]

Sweeping from the x guard- Andre Galvao January 08 2018

In this position Professor Andre Galvao shows how to sweep from the X guard position.

X Guard Sweep to Back Take -Matheus Diniz May 22 2017

Matheus Diniz – X Guard Sweep to Back Take

7 BJJ X Guard Drills ( Entries and Sweeps ) – Nick Albin May 08 2017

In this video I show a “fly on the wall” video series of some BJJ X Guard Drills we were working on. During the drilling cause we started with X Guard entry drills then moved into X Guard sweeps with some of them being cyclical style drills. Meaning I sweep you, then get up and […]

Fast Easy Leglocks Off X-Guard Sweep- Chad the Beast Hardy April 25 2017

This x-guard sweep to the knee bar has always worked like a charm for me. Few details that make it work effectively. One is coming up with the sweep do not wait and then go. As your opponent falls you should already be turning for the knee. Detail number two. This can be switched based […]

Low X-Guard Overhead Sweep – Kent Peters March 16 2017

ZombieProofBJJ Gi Techniques: Low X-Guard Overhead Sweep by Kent Peters

Sweep From X Guard – Claudio Calasans March 14 2017

The IBJJF and ADCC World Champion Claudio Calasans shows a X Guard Sweep in fresh new clip