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Kosoto Against Stiff Arms- Travis Stevens March 21 2018

Dealing with a stiff arm in judo can be a real problem. This basic throw works great against a same-sided person. This is one of my favorite attacks to do against someone who doesn’t let me put two hands on their gi.

3 Ways to Set Up the Double-Leg Takedown in MMA March 21 2018

There’s been tons of requests for more wrestling/grappling videos, so I asked my buddy Vince “The Anomaly” Cachero to teach some techniques. In this video, Vince breaks down 3 of his favorite ways to set up the double-leg takedown from an offensive and defensive standpoint, as well as against a southpaw/mirrored stance.

Randy Couture Takedown Techniques Breakdown – Sonny Brown March 20 2018

In this breakdown, bjj black belt Sonny Brown looks at the MMA cage techniques and cage takedowns of Randy Couture. Randy Couture highlights how an accomplished folkstyle and Greco Roman wrestler can transfer those skillsets into mixed martial arts and be successful. His Greco Roman skills had him utilise a high double underhook against the […]

Jason Nolf’s Winn Dixie Roll – Dan Sweeney March 17 2018

interesting study from Dan Sweeney

Harai Goshi by 2x Olympian Kelita Zupancic March 14 2018

Harai Goshi by 2x Olympian Kelita Zupancic of Canada shows you how she likes to throw people. These are some of the basic concepts that she follows when doing Harai Goshi.

Easiest Takedown You Can Learn For People With No Takedown Experience (No Risk) March 13 2018

Easy takedowns are the best takedowns. The best part about this takedown for BJJ players is there is no risk. Even if you miss this basic takedown there is no way for your opponent to counter or for you to end up in a bad position.

Chris Haueter: Head Inside Low Single Leg Takedown March 12 2018

This is a small snippet from a No Gi seminar that Chris Haueter taught at Jiu Jitsu Kingdom in Sydney Australia last Saturday 10th March, 2018. Chris covered a bunch of great No Gi material, focusing in particular on the ability to take your opponent down without relying on the Gi and that work whether […]

Lyoto Machida Karate Throws, Trips & Foot Sweeps in MMA Breakdown – Sonny Brown March 12 2018

Lyoto Machida Shotokan Karate background has given him a few different throws, trips and sweeps that he has incorporated into his mixed martial arts game very fluidly. In this video, we take a look at a brief history of Machida Karate and then some of his most familiar Shotokan karate style takedowns that he has […]

John Danaher Demonstrates Scissor Takedown Personally March 11 2018

Kani Basami: The scissor throw – kani basami – is one of the more controversial moves in jiu jitsu. It is among my favorite moves – all of my students are very good at it and often use it in competition – AND YET I DO NOT PERMIT THEM TO USE IT IN CLASS AND […]

Take Down, Pass, Submit with Mark Sausser March 09 2018

Mark Sausser, 2nd Degree Black Belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu A lifelong competitor, Mark started training in the art of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ) in 2002. He was intrigued by the dominance of BJJ in combat sports. BJJ also gave him the opportunity to compete without the heavy abuse to his body. Gustavo recognized his dedication to […]