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Hit the DUCK UNDER like a PRO!

favorite way to duck under. Pull your feet toward your butt and “free fall” to really off balance your opponent! Chec...

Do You Know The Triple Leg Takedown?

Can you pull this off?

Inside Tie Side to Side Snap Downs by John Danaher

John Danaher is the most sought after grappling instructor in the world. This is a clip from his upcoming video serie...

An Easy Throw to Kneebar Combination

A relatively easy-to-learn throw that leads straight into a submission by Ritchie Yip. This Sumi-Gaeshi to kneebar co...

Cyborg Abreu On How He Sets Up The Tornado Throw

Cyborg hits this one at every competition…

Easy Takedown When Someone Gets an Underhook by Travis Stevens

This is one of my favorite takedowns when someone tries to get an under hook. It’s simple yet very effective. Travis ...

How To Have A Proper BJJ Stance For Competitions

I show you the basics of how to properly stand up when grappling. This will help you defend take downs and keep from ...

Sambo Throws from the Russian Tie

adim Kolganov, Russian Master of Sports in Judo and Sambo, internationally renowned instructor and head coach of Hybr...

The First Throw You Learn in Sambo- Rear Trip

That is the throw Fedor Emelianenko used against Frank Mir in their fight.

Head Fake Kouchi Gari

In this technique we play off of our opponent’s reaction to what they think is a forward Morote Seoi Nage. In reality...

Duck Under to Lift

how to perform a “Duck Under” to a couple different finishes. This a common technique used in the sport of wrestling ...

CEMENT MIXER Takedown by Iowa Hawkeye 4x AA MIKE MENA

Former Iowa Hawkeye, 4x All American Mike Mena demonstrating what he calls a “Twister” which is also known as a Cemen...
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