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The Easiest Counter to the Guillotine Choke (for Gi, No Gi)

If you’re a grappler then you need to know how to counter the guillotine choke; here’s the easiest way to do it!

Sambo: Counter an Armbar with an Armbar

Once someone applies an arm lock don’t wait till it hurts. Just turn your hips and throw your leg over his head. Prac...

Defending the Marcelotine, and why the arm in is preferable (Lachlan Giles)

Defending the Marcelotine, and why the arm in is preferable (Lachlan Giles).

Best Darce Choke Defense Out There

The genius of this technique!

Defending and escaping the saddle (Lachlan Giles)

Defending and escaping the saddle (Lachlan Giles).

How to DEFEND the North South Choke!??

Some basic defense to the north south choke by creating a frame and turning on your side. I also show another cool wa...

BJJ Giftwrap Escape So Easy You’ll Palm Your Face

The Gift Wrap or Perfect Mount as I’ve heard it called is a terrible position in BJJ! Well. . . terrible for the pers...

Making Your de la Riva Guard Leglock Proof

If you use the de la Riva guard, especially in no gi, then people will be attacking you all the time with leglocks. I...

Standing KIMURA Counter!?? Here it is!

This video demonstrates a counter to the standing Kimura. There are multiple things you can do but I wanted to show o...

How to Counter the Brabo / D’Arce Choke

It’s important to know how to counter the no gi Brabo choke (aka D’Arce choke) if you play half guard because opponen...

How to Score 2 Points from a Straight Ankle Lock Defense

Make them pay for trying to footlock you. Easiest two points you’ll ever score.

My New Favourite Omoplata Counter

This is my new, favourite way to counter and escape the omoplata armlock attack. It works in both BJJ with the gi and...
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