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Nogi Ninja Choke from Closed Guard

The Power Guillotine or Nogi Ninja Choke is Super Powerful and can Really Catch your Opponent Unawares. Learn from Bl...

Omoplata to Collar Choke Kurt Osiander

They think you’re going for an omoplata, then you switch to other side omoplata to cross collar choke. Simple and eff...

Kurt Osiander’s Reverse Armlock from Closed Guard

Kurt Osiander’s Move of the Week – ArmBar from Closed Guard.

Hip Bump Sweep Counter

We show a nice counter to one of my favorite sweeps – the hip bumo sweep. Sometimes called the “Hip heist” or “Kimura...

How To Do A Wrist Lock From Full Guard

BJJ World Champion Jucimar Eller from the Evolve Fight Team demonstrates how to do a wrist lock from full guard.

Can’t Break Full Guard in BJJ? Try this Painful Choke to Open Guard

A really frustration situation in BJJ is when a long legged person locks up Full Guard, squeezes and doesn’t open.

Renzo Gracie’s Special Armbar from Closed Guard

Instead of stretching his opponent’s arm, as in the traditional armbar from closed guard, Renzo teaches an attack on ...

Best way to Omoplata from Closed Guard

A really basic attack from the closed guard that everyone should know.

How to Prevent the Stack Pass When Going for the Triangle- Kenneth Brown

Not that long ago, I received a request for a video on hitting the triangle as a big guy without getting stacked, and...

Collar Drag to Loop Choke by Josh Hinger

Jiu Jitsu Sweep Loop Choke – Josh Hinger.

Game Changing Detail To Open The Closed Guard by Dan McCarthy w/ Bernardo Faria

Great Detail To Open The Closed Guard by Dan McCarthy.
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