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Armbar Triangle Omoplata From Closed Guard March 22 2018

Armbar Triangle Omoplata From Closed Guard

The Most Effective Competition Proven Closed Guard Escape – Keenan Cornelius March 16 2018

In this technique taught by jiujitsu demigod Kerman Cornwallace, you will learn the most effective competition and street fight proven closed guard escape

Inside Trip, Closed Guard Pass, Farside Armbar – Mark Sausser March 11 2018

Inside Trip, Closed Guard Pass, Farside Armbar with Mark Sausser

Triangle Choke Transition off Arm Bar from guard – Bjj AfterForty March 11 2018

Triangle Choke Transition off Arm Bar from guard by Bjj AfterForty

3 Submissions From Closed Guard Using The Lapel! | Evolve University March 02 2018

Guest post by Evolve Vacation. The Evolve Vacation Program offers travelers the rare opportunity of a lifetime to combine a tropical vacation under the sun with authentic training under World Champions. You can train at one of the world’s most famous mixed martial arts academies, Evolve MMA, and also enjoy the exotic hidden treasures of the […]

Closed Guard Arm Lock Finish Details- Roger Gracie March 01 2018

Some great details to the armbar from closed guard by Roger Gracie.

Basic Triangle Choke From the Guard March 01 2018

A basic Triangle Choke is something everyone in Jiu-Jitsu should know. Here are all the finer points to help you get more finishes than you ever thought you would. It’s one of the best submissions in BJJ.

The Easiest BJJ triangle setup ever February 26 2018

This is one of the easiest triangle setups to hit live rolling. You just need to make the person post a hand on the mat and you’re set.

Renzo Gracie: Opening The Closed Guard of a Stronger Opponent February 19 2018

In another exclusive production for Renzo Gracie Online Academy (RGOA), Renzo teaches details of adjustment, grips and positioning to help you open the closed guard of a heavier and stronger opponent without having to muscle. Check it now and enroll to watch more techniques like these at “Renzo Gracie – Mastering Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.” at Gallerr. The course has […]

Robert Drysdale Jiu Jitsu Butterfly Guard Arm Drag Series February 19 2018

Just an hour after landing from a long flight from Japan, Robert Drysdale came to teach the Friday 5:30pm (2/16/18) No Gi class. One of the reasons I made his academy my home in Las Vegas was because of how good his instruction is, so I wanted to share some of his technique with you […]