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Worm Guard Escape – Andre Galvao December 08 2017

Worm Guard Escape by Andre Galvao

An Awesome – Lapel Closed Guard! – Tom Davey June 08 2017

We all find the problem with closed guard is that eventually, more often than not, you need to open that guard. Negating the benefit of the closed guard. Well this technique, kinda give you the best of both worlds. Filmed from one of my small Saturday classes, I thought I would share it with you. […]

Lapeloplata Study: Attacks and Counters April 28 2017

Worm guard revolutionized the way we use the lapel. But what if it gets stuffed by passers? Here’s a lapeloplata study to help improve your game.

BJJ Scout – Andris Brunovskis at Pans 2017 with Worm Guard Modification March 26 2017

Bjj Scout presents Andris Brunovskis at Pans 2017 with an interesting take on the wormguard using the belt (not lapel) instead. Thoughts?

Lapel DLR Guard Back Take – Josh Mancuso October 18 2016

Good method of using the gi lapel from DeLa Riva Guard to get an easy back take!

Handy Worm Guard Chain – Arthur Mariath August 03 2016

 Worm guard sweep -> Knee cut pass -> Armlock finish     THEWORMGUARD.COM ⚡️???? #Reposting @arthurmariath — Worm guard sweep -> Knee cut pass -> Armlock finish ????????????' Apoio: Supermercado Casagrande #missionsubmission #wormguard #guetho #atos #bjj #jiujitsu #bondedazs #supermercadocasagrande #athlete #sport #hardwork A video posted by Keenan Cornelius (@keenanonline) on Aug 2, 2016 at […]