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Mother’s Milk Submission Smother Choke- David Morcegao March 08 2018

Want to make more friends in training? Bust this out next time your spar! Great technique by De La Riva black belt David Moregao.

This One Sucks For your Opponent: Armpit Armbar February 23 2018

Great option coming off a failed cross collar choke. You wedge your elbow in between their forearm and bicep and just trap their arm under your armpit and squeeze! Nice BJJ Gi by Doordie Hyperfly.

How to beat a tight defense from the Mount position February 07 2018

Professor Gustavo Gasperin teaches how to deal with a tight defense from the Mount position setting up an easy Armbar.

Kurt Osiander’s Self Defense Armlock February 02 2018

Kurt Osiander’s move of the week.

High Pressure armbar from mount- Kurt Osiander January 26 2018

Kurt Osiander shows a nice transition from arm triangle to armbar from mount using a lot of pressure.

Mount escapes to leglocks – Reilly Bodycomb January 25 2018

Reilly put together quite a treat for Panda Nation: 9 minutes of instruction on transitioning from your mount escape into a leg attack.

Collar Drag Sweep to the Mount Position I Cobrinha December 15 2017

Collar Drag Sweep to the Mount Position I Cobrinha

How to keep Mount Position locked down in MMA or No Gi BJJ November 04 2017

How to keep mount position once it is attained in MMA or No Gi BJJ as instructed by Dean ‘Wolverdean’ Reilly, Former Cage Warriors incumbent, Pro MMA fighter, BJJ Brown belt and renowned instructor at The Griphouse Gym in Glasgow, make this a must watch video filmed for the Warrior Collective.

Demian Maia Masterclass On Mount Attacks September 19 2017

Enjoy 1 hour on the mount from Demian Maia.

Sonny Brown – Leg Mount Ride – BJJ and MMA Grappling Positional Study August 16 2017

Leg Mount Ride – MMA Grappling and BJJ position study and breakdown.