Simple Foot Fighting Trick to Stop this Common BJJ Mount Escape

Nothing is quite as frustrating in BJJ as having a dominant position then losing it to someone who escapes.

Mount in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is a fantastic position for maintaining strong control.

But there are a ton of escapes to it, and it can be tough to hold against someone with really good control.

A really smooth escape that I’ve seen a ton of people use is the foot slide escape.

Which is where the person on bottom of Mount turns their hips, hooks a foot and slides that foot into Half Guard.

It’s a great escape for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

In this video I show you a really simple adjustment of the feet to stop this Mount escape and then take Back Mount.

It’s a simple jiujitsu technique that is incredibly powerful.

If you want to try this escape out in the gym. Bait your partner into it by allowing them to setup the escape and then let them get out.

If you’re experiencing issues with people escaping your Mount during Brazilian Jiu-jitsu rolling or competitions.

Try this counter and back take!

I hope it’s helpful!

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