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How To Sweep From Deep Half Guard | Evolve February 19 2018

In this video, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion Teco Shinzato from the EVOLVE Fight Team demonstrates how to sweep from deep half guard using the lapel. Evolve University is the largest world championship online university for martial arts. With World Champions in Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, Submission Grappling, Wrestling, and more, Evolve […]

Waiter Sweep From Deep Half – Tom Davey August 07 2017

In this video, I cover another deep half technique that both myself and my students really love! This is particularly good if you have the flexibility but perhaps not quite the bridging power of some deep half players…In this video, I discuss how I do the waiter sweep and why I do it slightly different […]

Deep Half Guard Sweep Controlling The Sleeve – Felipe “Pe de Pao” Bueno August 03 2017

Deep Half Guard Sweep Controlling The Sleeve by Felipe “Pe de Pao” Bueno featuring Bernardo Faria

Actor Sweep – Blair Turton April 13 2017

This week we are looking at my favourite sweep to use against a larger opponent. I call it an Actor sweep because it is really just a Waiter sweep with delusions of grandeur. A typical waiter sweep is done from standard deep half rather than deep half butterfly, and I find this to be much […]

Super Strong Sweep – Worm Guard For Deep Half – Keenan Cornelius April 07 2017

Keenan Cornelius shares a super strong sweep from the deep half

Sweep From Deep Half – GF Team France October 08 2016

GF Team France’s technique of the Month is entry into deep half guard and sweeping from there!