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Block Footsweep Ko Uchi Gari- Travis Stevens March 06 2018

Judo throws can be difficult to learn. In this video, we teach basic footwork and technique that you should be able to follow along and implement right away in your judo or BJJ. 

Double Tap Foot Sweep – Jack Hatton January 24 2018

Double Tap Foot Sweep – Jack Hatton.

Powerful Ouchi Gari with Belt Grip- Travis Stevens December 16 2017

Judo Olympic silver medalist and bjj black belt Travis Stevens shows a powerful Ouchi Gari using the belt grip! Pointers: Make sure you pull their belt You have to square off to your opponent Drive don’t lift

Footsweep Counter To Stiff Arm- Travis Stevens October 02 2017

Footsweep Counter To Stiff Arm- Travis Stevens.

How to Finish Ko Uchi Gari (Foot Sweep) in BJJ July 12 2017

Judo black belt, European Judo Cup medalist Jimmy Razmadze gives you a quick tip on how to finish failed Ko Uchi Gari foot sweep in BJJ.

Sasae tsuri komi ashi – How to do it properly June 16 2017

Sasae tsuri komi ashi is a hard technique to perofrm oin randori and shiai. In this video Justin from Beyond Grappling show you how to do it properly.

Cross Grip To Kouchi Gari to a Knee Pick- Jimmy Pedro May 16 2017

Cross Grip To Kouchi Gari to a Knee Pick- Jimmy Pedro

Inside trip from an under over position – Kendall Cross May 11 2017

TechniqueTuesday Kendall Cross, 1996 Olympic gold-medalist and NYC RTC Coach, and Shelton Mack, 3x NCAA qualifier, show you an inside trip from an under over position! Edge Hoboken USA Wrestling Virginia Wrestling

Judo’s ‘Sasae Tsuri-Komi Ashi’ Modification For MMA & No Gi Grappling March 19 2017

Mark Lajhner, founder and chief instructor of Kaizen MMA Academy  and of, shows how he modified a judo throw called “Sasae Tsuri-Komi Ashi” for MMA and Grappling and made it more powerful. Mark is a Judo black belt (Serbian national team member), BJJ purple belt, MMA coach and undefeated MMA fighter. You can find Mark Lajhner’s FREE MMA […]

Circular Ouchi Gari Setup February 26 2017

Very nice circular set up to Ouchi Gari…