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Mackenzie Dern Explains Presence Of Translator In Post Fight Interview March 04 2018

However last night things took an even stranger turn. After a split decision victory against Yoder Gran debut de la hermosa Mackenzie Dern. Ossu.! @kaizendojobaq @mackenziedern #mackenziedern #10thplanetjiujitsu #karatemipasión #instavideo #instapic #instagood #instagram #bjjs #judô #karate1 #fighting #sparringshw #fighter #roleadois #beginner #beginersluck #tatam #seoinage #armbandhp #jujigatame #jiujitsuworldleague #jiujitsuforeveryone #kudosentertainment #daidojuku #kudosSparring #fighting #sparringshw #mawashigeri #kicks […]

Best Of Judo Leg Grabs March 03 2018

2013 was the year when all leg grabbing techniques were banned. IJF wanted to make Judo more attractive, but in this change of rules a lot of beautiful techniques were lost. Take a look at compilation of spectacular techniques that are possibly lost form competitive Judo forever.

Tom DeBlass In BJJ Super Match With Young White Belt Fan January 21 2018

    DeBlass recently received the third stripe on his black belt however that didn’t stop him from indulging a young man’s fantasy:   This match is about to go down. Kain called me out to a championship Gi match in front of a huge crowd at @battlemountain2k How can I say no!?!? Stay […]

BJJ Frauds: Taking a Look at 2 cases of fraudulent black belt acquisitions December 31 2017

In this video we’re gonna be taking a look at two cases of fraudulent black belt acquisitions in BJJ.

Small Wrestler Tests Himself with Powerlifter Almost 3x His Weight December 30 2017

Freestyle Wrestler Aleksey is just 1m61 for 58kg. He agreed to test himself with a massive Powerlifter with no Grappling background who is 1m90 and weighs 150kgs.

test December 18 2017

ADCC and BJJ world Champion Maia rolled back in 2012 with Thiago Camilo, a 2007 judo world champion and 2000 Olympic silver medalist.  Camilo is regarded as having some of the best ne waza in world judo. Maia recalls: “Truth is, it was really quick; we’d lifted some weights at the gym and decided to […]

test December 13 2017

Gordon Ryan ADCC Highlight December 09 2017

Gordon Ryan ADCC Highlight

Collar Drag/Loop Choke Variation from sitting guard. December 09 2017

Collar Drag/Loop Choke Variation from sitting guard. ???????? Submission of the Day: Collar Drag/Loop Choke Variation from sitting guard. ???????? A post shared by Viral Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (@viralbjj) on Dec 8, 2017 at 3:09pm PST

3 People Take On Ryron Gracie (AT The Same Time) December 02 2017

Ryron Gracie decided to try something he had never done before by sparring against three people at the SAME TIME!