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Massive Mistake While Escaping Side Control- David Morcegao March 19 2018

Do you struggle to escape side control?? It probably all stems back to this one crucial detail…

Kurt Osiander’s Lapel Spin Choke March 09 2018

Kurt Osiander’s Lapel Spin Choke…

Travis Stevens On How To Create Tremendous Pressure in BJJ March 08 2018

Here are some basic concepts that we went over during our class the other night. I hope you guys find some of these concepts for Jiu-Jitsu pressure helpful. These are concepts that I use during my training and competitions.

Muzio de Angelis Shows A cool Finish From Side Control March 06 2018

Muzio de Angelis Shows A cool Finish From Side Control

Keeping your opponent flat on his back – Budo Jake February 26 2018

Budo Jake explains how to keep a larger opponent fixated

Triple Arm Attack Trap From Side Control – Renzo Gracie December 07 2017

Learn the triple attack that Renzo Gracie used to finish Maurice Smith in a 1999 Rings event. After reaching side control, Gracie traps the head and one of the arms with the triangle mechanic. Then he shifts to his opponent’s other arm with a kimura, americana or a straight armbar. Check it now and enroll […]

Hillbilly Twister- So Simple, So Powerful November 28 2017

Hillbilly twister by Coach Mike of Kimura BJJ Serbia! This one is powerful and so simple ???????????? When you get the pillow choke, you threaten mount with your knee on belly, when the opponent puts up the knee to defend, you grab it and cradle the knee and head together to get a tap. @ahilej.gym #bjjserbia #twister#10thplanet #10p #bjj #jiujitsu

How To Escape Side Control Against A Larger Opponent by Fabio Gurgel November 02 2017

How To Escape Side Control Against A Heavier Opponent by Fabio Gurgel

Make Your Side Mount Feel Twice as Heavy September 29 2017

The Side Mount (or ‘Side Control’) is commonly a favorite position for practitioners in the beginning stages of jiu jitsu, but is then often neglected in favour of the mount and back control. When used correctly, these two principles will improve your ability to dominate and control and opponent from the side mount.

Bas Rutten’s Neck Crank for BJJ August 09 2017

This move was made famous by Bas Rutten and is extremely powerful.