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Massive Mistake While Escaping Side Control- David Morcegao March 19 2018

Do you struggle to escape side control?? It probably all stems back to this one crucial detail…

Nasty Darce from Side Mount | Simple Breakdown January 04 2018

Nasty Darce from Side Mount | Simple Breakdown

Chael Sonnen Shows His American Gangster Head & Arm Choke December 21 2017

The American Gangster Head & Arm Choke From Chael Sonnen.

Hillbilly Twister- So Simple, So Powerful November 28 2017

Hillbilly twister by Coach Mike of Kimura BJJ Serbia! This one is powerful and so simple ???????????? When you get the pillow choke, you threaten mount with your knee on belly, when the opponent puts up the knee to defend, you grab it and cradle the knee and head together to get a tap. @ahilej.gym #bjjserbia #twister#10thplanet #10p #bjj #jiujitsu

The Rickson Choke October 23 2017

Professor Steve shows the Rickson Choke at the Katharo Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Littleton Colorado.

Make Your Side Mount Feel Twice as Heavy September 29 2017

The Side Mount (or ‘Side Control’) is commonly a favorite position for practitioners in the beginning stages of jiu jitsu, but is then often neglected in favour of the mount and back control. When used correctly, these two principles will improve your ability to dominate and control and opponent from the side mount.

Samurai Choke- Draculino August 05 2017

Draculino shows a sneaky Samurai choke that is incredible tight and powerful. It is hard to defend and a great weapon to add to your brazilian jiu-jitsu arsenal.

Using The Cradle in BJJ Side Control- David Avellan July 21 2017

If you find yourself stuck on top side control with nothing going on, the cradle might be the solution to your problems. I have been inspired as of late to use the cradle more often, as I have some new variations from Robert Drysdale on the cradle. So I have been exploring the concept more […]

A High Percentage Low Risk Choke Submission from Sidemount – Stephan Kesting June 23 2017

Here’s how to choke someone out from sidemount in such a way that even if the submission doesn’t work you’re still on top!

Belly Down Float – Neil Melanson June 07 2017

Neil Melanson, The Ground Marshal, explores, in episode 2, countering the frame by utilizing misdirection. He covers a technique called ‘belly down float’ where he leverage the misdirection he creates in order to finish the attack. Coach Neil also covers some important topics when it comes to the ground game such as the management of […]