Use This Grip Break to Stop the Basic Guard Break – Nick Albin

Strong Grips in BJJ can be frustrating or a lot of fun depending on whether or not you are the one that has them or know how to deal with them.

Recently I got asked a question about the common lapel grip used when breaking Full Guard. Basically our friend Will is unable to remove the lapel grip and his opponent’s are able to break and pass his guard.

His question was simply about how to disable the lapel grip.

But as is usually with me and my answers to Brazilian Jiu-jitsu questions. I tend to be a little long winded and bounce around all over the place.

So in addition to showing a solid grip break that will stop the top person’s guard break. I also show how you can use it to setup a number of different attacks from a very strong offensive position from Guard.

From the position I show a basic straight armlock a long with a sweep.

So if you’re having trouble with that particular guard break or just the grips. I hope that this grip break and attacking position is useful for you in your Brazilian Jiu-jitsu training or competitions.


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