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Roger: “I just waited for the right opportunity”

The black belt comments on yet another MMA finish.

Roger’s technique in finishing at Strikeforce

The three-time absolute world champion sunk a snug rear-naked choke.

Strikeforce: Diaz, Roger, and Jacaré with tapouts in Jiu-Jitsu spectacle

There was a lot at stake at this Saturday’s Strikeforce event in San Jose, California. Two belts were on the line, bu...

Check out the weigh-ins with Jacaré, Roger, Diaz…

Check back with for coverage of tonight's event. But in the meantime, check out the pre-event weight-in:

GSP: “Roger’s a lot better at MMA than people think”

UFC welterweight champion Georges Saint-Pierre has already been to London twice to train with Roger Gracie, who is ge...

Roger Gracie: “I never, ever look ahead to the next fight. “

A 1.95-meter (6’4”) light heavyweight in MMA, the lanky Roger Gracie gave an interview on the official Strikeforce we...

Roger comments on training (gi and no-gi) with GSP

Roger Gracie wraps up a week of training with UFC champion George Saint-Pierre this weekend in London, England. All s...

Cyborg faces Diaz on card with Roger and Jacaré

Following back-to-back wins, the latest a knockout over Marius Zaromskis, Evangelista Cyborg will get a shot at the S...

Indio defeats Villaseñor at Shark Fights; watch it

American Top Team rep Danillo “Indio” Villefort faced the tough Joey Villaseñor at the 13th installment of Shark Figh...

Babalu vs Shogun and the end of an era

The start of the 21st century was a time of transition in MMA history, when tournament-format events started losing t...

Strikeforce adds another Brazilian black belt to roster

Ever-present at the edge of the matted area at Jiu-Jitsu championships, Professor Alex Crispim (3W, 2L) sent in news:...
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