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Purebred Guam opens 2nd location

GMA member Stephen Roberto has some huge news. He recently opened Purebred Guam’s 2nd location in the Northern part o...

Check out Frazatto’s travels in Japan

While wandering Japan, Bruno Frazatto set off on a seminar tour, donned his gi for action at the Rickson Cup, and muc...

Stephen Roberto awarded in Guam

GMA member Stephen Roberto was awarded this weekend, in Guam. The leader of Purebred Guam was voted the Outstanding G...

Stephen Roberto celebrates 15 years in Guam

Congratulations are in order for our GMA member Stephen Roberto. Last September 10, he celebrated the 15th anniversar...

Purebred Guam learns with Frazatto

Black belt Bruno Frazatto, of Team Atos JJ, just ended a week of seminar at GMA school Purebred Guam. Member Stephen ...

Special guest at Purebred Guam

GMA member Stephen Roberto, leader of Purebred Guam, is about to welcome another upcoming BJJ star. From November 20t...

Purebred readies for Asian Open

The 2010 Asian Open Championship, by IBJJF, takes place next September 11th-12th, in Tokyo, Japan. And schools all ov...
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