Check out Frazatto’s travels in Japan

While wandering Japan, Bruno Frazatto set off on a seminar tour, donned his gi for action at the Rickson Cup, and much more.

“Besides Rickson’s even, I competed at an MMA event called Grabaka Live. I had a Gi Jiu-Jitsu match against Nakamura, and I won! I’ve been in Japan for 20 days now, training at Bonsai academy and teaching some seminars. It’s been incredible. It’s my second time here and it’s great to be recognized by the people here, who love the martial arts. It’s fantastic to have the opportunity to share a bit of my knowledge with them,” he told

“I’ll also head over to Guam, another fascinating place that I love a lot. The people are marvelous and the place is paradise. I’ll stick around at Purebred Guam, a GRACIEMAG-associate academy, where I’ll teach every day for a week. Then I’ll head over to the Philippines, where I’ll be at an Atos-affiliate academy headed by our revelation Ralph Go, who’s been standing out in competition as a brown belt. It will be my first time there. I’ll be doing my best to help the sport continue to evolve around the world, as I feel the main objective of teaching seminars is to spread knowledge about the gentle art,” Frazatto said in closing.

Check out the following photos Frazatto sent in from his adventures in Asia:

[flickr set=72157628004153516]

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