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Check out how Langhi versus Durinho went in Rio

The two biggest names in the lightweight fought in the final for a berth in the Abu Dhabi World Pro main event.

Absolute monster Rodolfo comments on win in “his backyard”

After injuring his knee in early 2010, Rodolfo Vieira stayed out of the main events but came roaring back onto the sc...

Langhi comments on winning return and heads to Lisbon

Tipped in GRACIEMAG #167 as one of the best athletes of 2010, Michael Langhi keeps on proving how he’s deserving of i...

Rodolfo wins absolute on way to Abu Dhabi

Rodolfo Vieira was the big standout at the World Pro Rio de Janeiro tryouts this Saturday (check out the results here...

Rio de Janeiro World Pro results

This Saturday at the Miécimo da Silva Sport Center in Campo Grande, Rio de Janeiro, the Rio de Janeiro leg of the Wor...

Durinho anxious about next challenges

After a great string of wins in 2010, with titles like the No-Gi Worlds and World Pro among others, Gilbert Durinho i...

Rafa Mendes and his positional variation

Rafael Mendes stood out in both Brazilian tryouts for the Abu Dhabi World Pro. In Gramado he shut out the division wi...

Find out how to watch the World Pro tryouts

This Saturday at the Helio Maurício gymnasium, in the Clube de Regatas do Flamengo club, the disputes to define the s...

Pé de Chumbo in World Pro tryouts

Sign-ups for the Rio de Janeiro tryouts for the Abu Dhabi World Pro, to be held this coming 27 and 28 March, are stil...
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