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O armlock de Ed Ramos sobre Samir Chantre no Dallas Open

O Texas, no último fim de semana, recebeu o Dallas Open da IBJJF e teve Eduardo Ramos e Samir Chantre (CTA) na final ...

Mundial Master & Sênior‏: veja as fotos do campeão absoluto Xande Ribeiro & cia

O primeiro Mundial de Master & Sênior trouxe de volta à cena alguns dos principais professores de Jiu-Jitsu do pl...

Grab a fistful of cloth and pass guard like butter

How about this pass taught by Atos ace Eduardo Ramos?

Agarre firme o pano e passe a guarda como se fosse manteiga

Que tal esta passagem ensinada pela fera da Atos Eduardo Ramos? The post Agarre firme o pano e passe a guarda como se...

Tanquinho and the mission of dismembering the Atos squadron

When announced August Tanquinho would be competing in the World Pro under-65-kg division, the comments ...

Three matches that shook up the World Pro this Thursday

Besides Cobrinha vs. Celso, there's Claudio Calasans versus Alan Finfou and Augusto Tanquinho against Eduardo Ramos.

Tanquinho vs. Mendes in Abu Dhabi?

August “Tanquinho” Mendes is always a hard nut to crack in the lightweight division, where he tends to score with med...

Pan: black belt division pics

With all the finalists defined for the female brown and black and the male black belt finals, it’s time to take a loo...

Pan Blog: find out who faces who in the finals

The black belt finals at the Jiu-Jitsu Pan have taken shape in Irvine. Some of final results have even come in alread...

Participate at Pan and see for yourself what Atos is up to

In the video check out the team's perspectives for the Pan and the post-San Diego tryouts, even featuring a little di...

World Pro: Braga and Atos lead party in San Diego

[flickr set=72157626086788863] It’s carnival time in Brazil, one of the most popular festivities in the Jiu-Jitsu cou...

World Pro: Galvão shines at day one in San Diego

The first day of the San Diego tryouts for the World Pro brought electrifying battles at Point Loma High School gymna...
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