Participate at Pan and see for yourself what Atos is up to

Group sings before No-Gi training. Photo: Carlos Ozório.

The training camp in California is going full steam. At the big house on Mannix Street in San Diego, thirteen black belts and a few young promises from team Atos are in intense preparation for competition. In their crosshairs, the Jiu-Jitsu Pan on the coming 24th to 27th of March and the World Pro in April.

Training goes along frenetically. From outside André Galvão’s academy one can hardly see in. The glass is completely fogged over from the contrast of temperature between the winter cold of the northern hemisphere and the heat emanating from the hard work going on in the dojo.

Galvão at the door of academy with windows completely fogged over / Photo: Carlos Ozório

The gi is the article of clothing most worn during the day, but no-gi training is also on the program, with such a category featuring at the Abu Dhabi tournament.

“The gang’s going there to win it all,” comments Galvão.

Indeed, the black belt has returned to gentle art competition. His first results are promising, having won the San Diego tryouts for the World Pro in the under-83 kg division and taking second in the absolute. At a hard-training pace, Galvão figures among the favorites for the big competitions during the first half of 2011.

“On the first day with the whole gang together we managed to give him a hard time. But André’s getting stronger and stronger with every day. He was a monster before the first week was through, running everyone over,” recounts Gilbert Durinho.

“I’ll show up there sharp,” comments Galvão.

In the video below, check out the team’s perspectives for the Pan and the post-San Diego tryouts, even featuring a little ditty likely to get the team going in the gymnasium:

Do as these guys do and sign up for the Pan, the IBJJF’s most traditional international competition, by clicking here.

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