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How To Fix Your Guard Pull Mistakes

Some people like to play a top game, but a lot also prefer to play guard. I’m one of those guard players. While I wor...

4 Beginner Side Control Mistakes

You work so hard to pass the guard, narrowly avoiding getting swept or triangled, and at last you reach side control....

3 Common Noob Guard Mistakes

If we observe enough white belt rolls in the academy, we will spot certain patterns that tend to repeat themselves. A...

White Belt Mistakes Inside Closed Guard And How To Easily Counter Them

  Here’s some easy counters to all those annoying things beginners and white belts do...

The Three Biggest White Belt Mistakes And How To Fix Them!

  Solid advice for white belts coming out of Double Phoenix Jiu Jitsu / Lucas...

[New] 10 Common BJJ Mistakes That You Must Avoid!

  BJJ Checkmat black belt Thiago Rodrigues cover 10 common grappling mistakes that you must...

Bernardo Faria: The 3 Biggest Half Guard Mistakes

In a previous article with multiple-time World Champion Bernardo Faria, the Jiu-Jitsu Times talked about how students...

UFC star Frankie Edgar on where you make the most mistakes in Jiu-Jitsu

A Jiu-Jitsu brown belt and former lightweight champion of the UFC, the good fella Frankie Edgar, 30, released his own...
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