You Have To Try This Super Cool Single Leg Counter

Every attack is an opportunity to further improve your defensive skills in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu… However, every defense can also be an opportunity for a counter-attack; if you know your options and if you’ve practiced them regularly enough.
For example, a Single Leg defense can take many forms, and most of them are predominantly neutral in their nature. However, you can also go for a Single Leg counter – which will enable you to use the opponent’s takedown setup in order to set up an attack yourself.

You better learn some effective Single Leg counters as soon as possible… Otherwise, you’ll just keep getting taken down!

So, here’s a really cool Single Leg counter.
João Rocha demonstrates:

Score Takedowns From Your Feet With This BJJ-Specific Blueprint For Throws, Shots, & More From João Gabriel Rocha, One Of The Best And Most Mobile Big Men In Jiu-Jitsu

  • Figure our what is most important to focus on from your feet as João breaks down the concepts you need to understand to be a takedown artist.
  • João is an elite black belt competitor, including two black belt Pan American Championships and 3 IBJJF World Championship finals appearances.

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