Here’s A Super Nasty Kneebar Setup From The Cradle Position

The cradle is a basic technique in amateur wrestling. Its name refers to the move’s similarity to the way a person holds an infant in their arms. The wrestler performs the cradle by grabbing the neck of his opponent with one arm, and wrapping the elbow of the other arm behind the knee of the opponent. The wrestler then locks both hands together. In that way, the cradled wrestler finds it very difficult to escape.

You can use the Cradle position in so many different ways in Jiu-Jitsu…
Even for Leg Lock attacks!

For example, here is how to use the Cradle to set up a Kneebar.
David and Vincent Petrone demonstrate on the video below:

Control, Submit, And Dominate Your Opponent Using These High Level Cradle Techniques And Watch Your Game Grow With Versatile Grappling Technique David And Vincent Petrone.

  • Incorporate numerous variations of near side and far side cradle attacks and transitions into your game.
  • Understand how knee positioning changes the element of control and understand when to use knee on neck vs knee on spine.

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