Tom DeBlass Praises Stem Cell Therapy: “My Shoulders Have Improved Dramatically”

Tom DeBlass has had a ton of issues with his shoulders, from all the years of competing and training hard in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
The pain was so severe that he wasn’t even able to sleep properly.

Nowadays, Tom’s shoulders feel much better. And he credits stem cell therapy for that.
He shared why in a recent social media post:

My shoulders have improved dramatically.

Before I got them [stem cell therapy], I was told I needed two total shoulder replacements.
My labrum in both shoulders, along with the rotator cuff, was torn.

I haven’t gotten an MRI since the stem cells, but it’s incredible what happened.

Daily, my right shoulder was dislocating. It would stay out of the socket for up to 30 minutes sometimes, and I’d have to pop it back in myself.
My quality of life was really being affected as the pain was 24/7.

Over the last month (3rd month since stem cells), my shoulders truly feel almost 75% again. They were operating at 10% before.
I couldn’t even do a push-up before.

DeBlass is now almost back to “regular” workouts and he couldn’t be happier because of it:

At 41 years young, I feel better than ever mentally and almost physically.


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