This Is How To Fake The Single Leg & Get To The Back

One way to transition from a single leg takedown to a back take in Jiu-Jitsu is by setting up the takedown first and then switching to the back control after securing the leg.

To begin, shoot in for a low single leg takedown. As you shoot and grab the leg, wrap both of your arms tightly around their thigh. Pull your head in close to their hip to make it difficult for them to push you away.

Once you have a secure grip on their leg, lift it up and force them to put weight on their other leg. As they start to lift their leg to regain their balance, quickly switch your arm position. Let go with one arm and slide it behind their lifted leg. Reach across their back and grab onto your other bicep to create a body lock.

Fake it till you make it! So many BJJ setups are like this – most often in the way of threatening your opponent with one move, in order to set up another one.

For example, here’s how to fake the Single Leg takedown and then get to the back!
Jansen Gomes demonstrates:

Check Out All Of The Most Effective Uses Of The Single Leg And Make This Efficient System Of Techniques One Of The Dominant Keys To Your Success With Checkmat Black Belt & Elite Competitor Jansen Gomes.

  • To etch these important movements into your mind, check out a series of drills that will get your body used to moving in certain ways that are pivotal to success.
  • Incorporate finishes such as the Ouchu Gari variation, fake guard pull to single leg takedown, and a transition to a double leg.

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