This Guillotine Choke Setup From Butterfly Guard Is Crazy Simple

Hey… Can we share a small piece of advice with you? Yes? Well, here it is: simplify your BJJ game. You’re making it way too complicated, and that’s the reason why you’re not making the amount of progress that you’d like to make!
So, the solution is to make it simpler and go for setups that are somewhat straightforward. For instance, the following High Elbow Guillotine Choke setup is easy to hit from Butterfly Guard.

Butterfly Guard “king” – Marcelo Garcia – demonstrates the setup.

Tired of complicated submission setups? We hear you.
Not everyone wants to learn a 10-step process for setting up something which “should” be as simple as a, let’s say, Guillotine Choke from Butterfly Guard.

So, here’s a straightforward way to set it up!
Marcelo Garcia demonstrates below:

Off With Their Heads – Learn The Signature Guillotine Choke From Black Belt Legend Marcelo Garcia.
Marcelo Garcia Teaches The Subtle Details Behind Locking Up The Neck and Finishing Fights With His Signature Submission System.

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