This Brabo To D’Arce Choke Transition Works Extremely Well

In order to transition from one position to another, a gameplan in a BJJ match is really useful and can make a big difference in the outcome of a match. Many average BJJ players have beaten superior competitors because they had a game plan and stuck to it.

Having well-thought-out plan, having a goal, you avoid the fact of reacting to what your opponent does. You actually impose your game and your will.

To be effective you need to work on putting on a Game Plan that will have set transitions. This is the secret of all the best competitors in the world.

Mastering one position on the ground is never enough, to be a complete fighter you must know how to move effectively from position, always progressing the fight to a better position, before you secure a submission.

If you want to add more options to your submission skillset, then learning how to transition from a Brabo Choke setup to a D’Arce Choke is going to be a big plus.

Here’re some of the details to one of the ways of getting it done.
Aidan Sericolo demonstrates:

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