Man Puts Police Officer In A Chokehold At Airport – Faces Attempted Murder Charges

Dramatic events unfolded at the Orlando International Airport (MCO) last Tuesday (June 27), when an Ohio man was arrested for allegedly putting a police officer into a chokehold.

According to Fox 35 Orlando, Edward Hariston (41) is facing charges for attempted first-degree murder of a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest with violence, battery on a law enforcement officer, and disorderly conduct.

Edward Hariston

Edward Hariston (image by Orange County Corrections)

Officers present at the scene have reported that they initially responded to the Spirit Airlines Ticket Counter at the airport, because a group of people were becoming aggressive with the staff.
According to the report, the passengers were yelling at the staff, with some of them going behind the ticket counters.

It’s said that Hariston was arguing with an employee, after which he reached behind the ticket counter and grabbed the computer keyboard, and started clicking buttons.
It was at that point that the police officer tried to stop him and a fight started.

Both men fell on the ground in the process.
The police officer wrote in the arrest report what happened next:

Hariston put one of his arms around my neck in a chokehold and began to squeeze, restricting my airway, making it unable for me to breathe.

I began to get dizzy and immediately spotty, as my airflow was restricted, and I was beginning to lose consciousness.

The police officer eventually managed to break free from the chokehold, when the other officers arrived at the airport.
Hariston was arrested and taken to the hospital for further evaluation.

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