Gordon Returns to Training BJJ & Announces Possible Date of Return to Competition

3x ADCC world champion and arguably world’s number 1 No Gi Grappler Gordon Ryan has endured a period of over 3 months during which he was unable to train BJJ or compete due to his stomach issues.

During this time, Ryan had surgery, suffered from an infection, and faced various other health issues.
After his trip to Abu Dhabi, he developed a strep throat infection, which gradually got worse.

Ryan’s excessive use of antibiotics had disrupted the bacterial balance in his stomach, worsening his strep throat. As a result, he had to undergo a tonsillectomy. His original ulcers resurfaced, further complicating his overall deteriorating health.

These circumstances have slowed down the progress of the No Gi champion. There is is hope though as he recently shared an IG post two days ago, announcing his possible return to the Jiu-Jitsu mats as he trained over the weekend with one of mentors from Renzo Gracie Academy NYC Brian Glick.
His followers questioned further regarding his future competitions, and Ryan replied to a comment stating, “If I’m healthy, I plan to compete in October.”

“It’s been almost 4 months since I’ve been able to be on the mats. The longest by far I’ve ever been away. I’m happier today than I’ve been in a long time. Rolled around a little with my old friend and mentor @bzglick here at @ufcpi. Had some jiu jitsu, wrestling, and mma legends in the session today as well. A quick trip to Vegas for the boys and some UFC media and business, then off to Hawaii to show everyone what I’ve been thinking of and working on before I got sick.”

“I have another week until I can train hard, and boy am I excited ;).”


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