How Much Speed Should You Use In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?

There are a lot of factors going into how good you will become in Jiu-Jitsu.
The technique is the most important one, but there’re also explosiveness, strength… And speed.

But how much speed should you use in BJJ? How fast (or how slow) should you go?
John Danaher has great advice. Read up:

Rather than try to make yourself faster – take a different approach.
Instead of trying to make yourself faster, focus on making your opponent slower.

He explains that your goal should be to slow the other person down, as this has got to do more with your skill level than with “how fast” you are:

Speed is largely determined by genetics and decreases with age.
Slowing someone down through grip and positioning is determined by skill and is the way of longevity.

There are some scenarios in Jiu jitsu where speed is an important asset – many takedowns in standing position, toreando passing are good examples.

However, if you have close body contact with an opponent on the floor, the ability to slow the other fellow down will typically prove more important than the ability to speed yourself up.


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