Here’s How To Do The Triangle Choke Against Combat Base

Whenever you’re playing Open Guard, it’s often thought that you should, well, remain there. That you should remain on the mats and engage your opponents from that spot. However, the reality is that you can also stand up in one way or another, and take on the opponent like that as well.
Of course, you’ve got to be on a lookout for a good opportunity to do so. Here’s one example on how to go about it; Paul Schreiner demonstrates.

There are so many ways to set up a Triangle Choke… Even against a strong combat base!

Here’s how to do just that.
Paul Schreiner demonstrates in great detail on the video below:

Paul Schreiner Continues His Dominant Pistol Grip 2-On-1 Series This Time From The Open Guard!

  • The Pistol Grip 2-on1 is a unique control that can be used to completely shut-down an opponent’s passing attempts while leaving them vulnerable to sweeps, back takes, and submissions.
  • Develop a sophisticated web of attacks that all start with obtaining the pistol grip 2-on-1.

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