Craig Jones Shows How To Execute The “Dog Bar” Submission In Jiu-Jitsu

Are you someone who’s really into Body Lock or over under guard passing? And you’re also a real fan of Leg Locks? Well, then you’re in for a treat: as there’s a surprisingly easy and efficient way to set up a Kneebar from the Body Lock Pass!

Body Lock passing can be a great addition to your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu skillset. Especially if you haven’t experimented with this passing style before; when you learn the proper setups and techniques, you’ll find it ludicrous how many opportunities will open up.

The Dog Bar is one of the sneakiest submissions in Jiu-Jitsu!
Basically, it’s a Kneebar that is applied from something like a Top Half Guard or from an Over Under Pass.

Craig Jones shows the Dog Bar setup from the Over Under Pass example on the video below:

Kasper Larsen Shares The Secrets Of The Dog Bar Leg Lock – Including How To Apply It From BOTH Top And Bottom Positions, As Well As Contingency Plans For When Opponents Defend!

  • Develop grappling’s hidden leg lock, the dog bar, With BJJ black belt Kasper Larsen!
  • Catch opponents by surprise with the unique and brutal dog bar, a technique that is criminally underrated.

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