BJJ Nutrition Basics: Proteins – Here’s What You’ve Got To Know

Changing your nutrition is not a simple thing. Sure, you want to eat better, but the diet you’re currently on… It’s tasty. It’s addictive. And neither you nor your body want to give it up so easily.

Are you looking to up your nutrition knowledge? Knowing more about it will improve your performance on the mats for sure.

For example, here’s what you’ve got to know about proteins.
Jordan Sullivan explains below:

Learn From Jordan Sullivan As “The Fight Dietician” To Stars Like Craig Jones Teaches You A Complete Course On How To Use Nutrition To Get The Most Out Of Your BJJ Performance.

  • This course will teach you how to structure your diet for better performance on the mats, including a breakdown of concepts like how to approach your macros – carbs, proteins, and fats.
  • See how you can supplement your diet and use Jordan’s lessons on calories, energy availability, and macronutrients for maximum energy and power while you train and compete.

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